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The above example is a bullish perspective of Bladerunner reversal strategy.

Instead, they oscillate or move up and down in a definitive direction and each new high is called a peak or resistance and a low is called a tough or support. As they move up and down, if the trend is strong enough, the peaks will get consecutively higher and price will continue to move higher than it had previously and thus, you have an uptrend.

To understand the psychology behind a support level and see why it may carry into the future, it is helpful to look at your own experience. If you have every entered a trade, only to watch it decline in price and yearn to sell out at the price of your entry so as to not incur a loss then you have succumbed to the human emotions that show up on the chart to create support and resistance.

There are many things that can create support and resistance but here are a few major reasons. First, prior highs or prior lows are often the first play that traders are hesitant to reenter a trade for fear that the rest of the market participants will not join them. Another irony of trading is that round numbers often scare off traders from pushing through.

However, of equal importance is that when traders are no longer scared of the resistance points, trends often show a great deal of follow through and therefore opportunity. In my years of trading, I have yet to find a methodology of trading that I like more than trading breakouts. If you think of support and resistance as a battleground, it is often best to wait until the battle is over and one of the lines has been broken to see who won.

A broken line of support or resistance is known as a breakout and can show you directional bias to help you see what side of the trade you likely want to be on. If the breakout is to the upside, then the buyers are driving prices higher and the sellers are running out of steam.

One way to identify trend progression is through an older yet very effective tool known as the Donchian Cannel. The Donchian Channel indicator is used to identify price breakouts above or below recent price history. Any time the current price breaks above or below that boundary a trading opportunity may exist because the Donchian Channel strategy has identified a breaking of resistance in an uptrend and therefore trend progression.

As mentioned earlier, price never travels a perfectly straight line as those on the right side of the trade often take profits and those on the wrong side of the trade may add on to their trade. The important thing to note is that as a trend progresses, there are likely new players that treat support as holy ground which lead to the concept of a polarity point. This new level will often been honored and when prices trades near new support, you can see this as a low risk opportunity to enter with the trend.

What method is used to determine the trend? The trend reliability is determined by the "Trend Drawdown" - a method that uses no indicators, but pure price action. This method is explained in the ebook you will get in the subscription. Which configuration do I need? Does it work on mobile devices? Yes, it has been tested on several mobile devices and browsers.

I am very impressed with such a simple and effective approach. I am not a tech guy and I am amazed how it works online without anything to install I just log in two times a day and check for any interesting pairs. Another one that gives back much more than he receives. The real value for such a low price is rare in the forex industry.

Forex Polarity Indicator By ivanza jhp. In the case of traditional Bladerunner strategy, the trade moves in the direction of the trend after bouncing from the Polarity indicator where Bladerunner waits for the confirmation of the trend first. On the other hand, when the price reverses after the completion of the trend to close the price on other side of the Polarity indicator, the Bladerunner reversal comes into play.

However, Bladerunner reversal also trades in the trend direction. The price closing on the right side of the trend actually determines this direction. The above example is a bullish perspective of Bladerunner reversal strategy. The following graph indicates the totally opposite proposition that is the bullish perspective of the Bladerunner reversal from underneath of the Polarity indicator.

Here, the price is repeatedly closing below the polarity indicator after its upward move has completed and it has further broken down. The underneath of the polarity indicators is then formed by a circled evening star pattern. If the price has not trended for considerable amount of time, it is a good strategy to use both Bladerunner and Bladerunner reversal together in one session as an effective EMA scalping strategy.

Forex Polarity Indicator. One of the oldest sayings in trading is “the trend is your friend“. The second best, and the most widely used indicator for forex trends is. It then stalls, reverses and passes through the polarity indicator before when the Bladerunner forex strategy flips polarity: using the two best forex indicators to . I think those of you looking for a good trend indicator MT4 price action indicator will enjoy using the Polarity Indicator. If you don' t have a free demo account.

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